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Sabrina`s Collection | 18K Gold Necklace

Sabrina`s Collection | 18K Gold Necklace

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Jewelry Care Instruction

¤ Clean with soft cloth.
¤ Store in an air-tight jewelry box.
¤ Remove before going to bed.
¤ Do not wear while exercising.
¤ Do not contact with any chemicals.
¤ Avoid bathing /swimming

Introducing Sabrina's Collection 18K Gold Necklace—a masterpiece of elegance and opulence.

Wrap yourself in the luxury of this finely crafted 18K gold necklace, a true epitome of beauty and sophistication. Each link and curve exudes a sense of timeless charm and grace, making it a perfect accessory for every occasion.

Drape this gold necklace around your neck and experience a burst of radiance as the light dances on its surface, creating a mesmerizing display of shimmer and shine. Versatile and captivating, this necklace effortlessly enhances any outfit, from casual to formal.

The 18K gold composition not only promises enduring beauty but also signifies your refined taste in jewelry. This necklace is more than a piece; it's an expression of your unique style and personality.

Step into the world of Sabrina's Collection and let this 18K Gold Necklace be a reflection of your inner radiance and elegance. Elevate your style, embrace the enchantment, and make a statement wherever you go.


8-12 business days  handcrafting period

Desciption:  18K Gold Necklace

Material    :  18K Real Gold

Style          : Trendy

Stamp        :  18K

Length       : 20 inches

Weight       : 3.81g



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